Assurance of Support processing arrangements

From 1 July 2004, Centrelink is legally responsible for assessing Assurance of Support (AoS) applications under Social Security law.

Obtaining an Assurance of Support assessment from Centrelink

In order to commence an AoS assessment, your assurer must provide Centrelink with the letter that we sent you and the letter from the Department of Immigration and Border Protection advising that an AoS is required.

Centrelink will assess the financial capacity of the proposed assurer(s) and explain to the assurer(s) what their financial and legal obligations would be if they are prepared to be an assurer.

Centrelink can provide you with information about who can be an assurer, how many assurances are required for your visa application, the social security payments that can be recovered under the AoS scheme and the forms and documents that are needed to support the AoS application.

Providing evidence of AoS lodgement with Centrelink

You must provide evidence to the AAT that an AoS has been lodged with Centrelink, such as a receipt, lodgement number, or letter from Centrelink.

Advising us of the Assurance of Support outcome

Centrelink will provide advice of the outcome of the AoS assessment directly to your proposed assurer. You should remain in contact with your assurer and inform the AAT of the outcome of the AoS assessment as soon as possible.

Review and appeals of Centrelink’s decisions

If your assurer is pursuing internal review of the AoS assessment with Centrelink or has lodged an appeal to the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT) (but not the Migration and Refugee Division); or the Social Security and Child Support Division, you will need to notify the AAT and provide evidence of this as soon as possible.