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Refugee and Humanitarian Visas


Immigration and Refugee Visa Services has been working with asylum seekers and refugees for more than 13 years. We assist clients inside Australia (onshore) and around the world (offshore) to file claims for protection from harm in their countries of origin.  We have assisted those in need of protection from a wide range of countries and backgrounds in a variety of situations.

We can assist with applications for all humanitarian and refugee visas, both temporary and permanent:

  • Temporary Protection (onshore – subclass 785) (“TPV”)

  • Safe Haven Enterprise (onshore – subclass 790) (“SHEV”)

  • Permanent Protection (onshore – subclass 866)

  • Refugee (offshore – subclass 200)

  • In-country Special Humanitarian (offshore – subclass 201)

  • Global Special Humanitarian (offshore – subclass 202)

  • Emergency Rescue (offshore – subclass 203)

  • Woman at Risk (offshore – subclass 204)


Immigration Appeals and Review

Judge and Gavel

Immigration Assessment Authority (IAA)

We assist asylum seekers who arrived to Australia by boat with applications for merits review to the Immigration Assessment Authority (IAA).

Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT)


The Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT) reviews eligible applications that the department of Home Affairs has decided. The Tribunal does independent review to affirm, set aside or remit the original decision. 

Immigration and Refugee Visa Services has extensive experience representing clients in merits review matters, including visa and citizenship application refusals, visa cancellations and detention issues.


Australian Citizenship


Australian citizenship has many benefits such as obtaining an Australian passport, the right to vote, the right to apply for government jobs, and financial assistance for education.

The citizenship application can be complex and it is crucial that this important application is managed carefully.  

Immigration and Refugee Visa Services represents applicants for citizenship by conferral or by descent. We help our clients with complex issues involving their residency or character requirements. 

Partner and Family Migration

Family Time

Immigration and Refugee Visa Services has extensive experience with partners, parents, children and last remaining family member applications. 

We use our knowledge and experience to assist families with their immigration process  including:

  • Partner visas (subclasses 309, 820, 100, 801)

  • Sponsored Parent (Temporary) visa (subclass 870)

  • Prospective marriage visa (subclass 300)

  • Child visas (subclasses 101, 802, 445)

  • Parent and Contributory Parent visas (subclasses 103, 143, 173, 804, 864, 884)

  • Carer visas (subclasses 116, 836)

  • Dependent or Orphan Relative visas (subclasses 114, 117, 837, 838)


Complex Immigration Issues 

Law Books

Immigration and Refugee Visa Services has been assisting clients with complex immigration issues for more than 13 years, including:

  • Visa cancellations

  • Bridging visas

  • Ministerial Intervention requests

  • Family violence issues

  • Sponsorship audits and compliance issues

  • Character matters

  • Public Interest Criterion issues, such as PIC 4020

  • Health waivers and health issues

  • Detention matters

  • Bars on return to Australia and exclusion periods such as PIC 4013 and PIC 4014

  • Applications for further visas in Australia affected by complex issues such as Schedule 3 issues, no further stay issues and waivers


Other Visas

Immigration and Refugee Visa Services can assist you with any type of Australian visa or citizenship matters including:

  • Travel Exemptions

  • Visitor visas

  • Global Talent Visas

  • Resident Return visas

  • Bridging visas

  • Working Holiday visas



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